Bustards Birding Tours is run by Niall Perrins, a highly distinguished birder in southern
Africa, who is well recognised for his avid support of bird conservation. A qualified
accountant who has become renowned for his legendary birding skills and currently holds
the record for seeing the most birds in the region in a single year, a remarkable 826 species in
2011. Niall is a dedicated birder, published photographer and avid bird atlasser. Niall has
travelled and continues to world-wide, in pursuit of satisfying his passion for birding.

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Bustards partners with several freelance guides, where youth and experience are two of the
key criteria. You can be guaranteed to be in capable company when you travel with the
Bustards team. A group email goes out from to reach all of us.
We like to be seen as a diverse and energetic group of people, who focus not solely on birds,
but explore all other aspects of nature, whether it be mammals, reptiles, insects or more.
Our trips offer add-ons such as photography focused tours, mammal excursions for those
harder to see nocturnal mammals, reptile focused searches, and even bird ringing, whether
you are an active ringer, observer or would like to learn the ropes and become qualified.

A group email goes out from to reach all of us.