Bustards Birding Tours is run by Niall Perrins, a highly distinguished birder in southern Africa, who is well recognised for his avid support of bird conservation. A qualified accountant who has become renowned for his legendary birding skills and currently holds the record for seeing the most birds in the region in a single year, a remarkable 826 species in 2011. Niall is a dedicated birder and published photographer. With a passion for nature in general, reptiles, mammals and even the odd insect or two will be pointed out in addition to the miriad of bird species. Niall has travelled and continues to world-wide, in pursuit of satisfying his passion for birding and extending the offerings of the company.

Niall with Ian Sinclair
Niall with Ian Sinclair

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Bustards partners with several freelance guides, where youth and experience are two of the key criteria. You can be guaranteed to be in capable company when you travel with the Bustards team. A group email goes out from to reach all of us. We like to be seen as a diverse and energetic group of people, who focus not solely on birds, but explore all other aspects of nature, whether it be mammals, reptiles, insects or more. Our trips offer add-ons such as photography focused tours, mammal excursions for those harder to see nocturnal mammals, reptile focused searches, and more recently even delving into the specialised field of Odonata, finding some special and localised species.

A group email goes out from to reach all of us.

Some of our regular guides include:

Jordan Ralph:

Jordan Ralph

A Zoology student at the University of Pretoria who has grown up surrounded by nature, Jordan has a passion for the outdoors, some uncanny spotting skills and a deep curiosity for the world’s fauna and flora. Having extensively birded Southern Africa as well as parts of Madagascar his passion continues to grow and he’s not afraid to put in the extra work to find the target birds while still admiring all the other biodiversity that is on offer. Spending a day with Jordan you are sure to be inspired by his energetic enthusiasm and enhance your appreciation for the natural world.

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Janice Isom:

Janice Isom

Janice’s love of all things nature and of birding in particular began in her native Scotland. She moved to South Africa in the early 1980’s and has birded extensively in Southern Africa and the UK since then. She loves to share her passion with her clients and makes each trip a personal experience. Her patience, attention to detail and ID skills will ensure you enjoy your trip with her and as a bonus her catering and home made snacks have also had her clients singing her praises.

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