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Durban pelagic birds

Immature Sooty Tern Sooty Tern Sooty Tern Common Tern Common Tern Arctic Tern Antarctic Tern Wilson’s Storm Petrel White-faced Storm Petrel White-faced Storm Petrel European Storm Petrel European Storm Petrel Black-bellied Storm Petrel Brown (Subantarctic) Skua Brown (Subantarctic) Skua Brown (Subantarctic) Skua Sooty Shearwater Sooty Shearwater Sooty Shearwater Great Shearwater Flesh-footed Shearwater Flesh-footed Shearwater Flesh-footed …

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Bustards Banter – Vol 2 – Vietnam

As intrepid Bustards helping others explore the world of birds, we often have to undergo the hardship of visiting new countries. Niall Perrins has such a misfortune of having to do a recce trip to Vietnam in March 2016. We will join the guide of one of the best birding companies in the country, Vietnam …

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